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A New Way to Achieve Health and Vitality with Impact-Free Aerobic Exercise

RunAgain of Baytown, Texas, manufactures and markets the patented RunAgain, a revolutionary athletic and rehabilitation machine. The RunAgain offers an impact-free running surface that is unlike a traditional treadmill. The RunAgain features a trampoline strike surface suspended on a cushion of forced air.

Athletes and ordinary people alike who have destroyed knee cartilage, broken their legs, or had hip replacements may now walk and run without pain. There is no heel strike impact with RunAgain, which causes pain. This cardiovascular workout is similar to running up a soft sand dune and allows you to maintain a natural gait.

Get the best rehab training & conditioning system available today.

RunAgain Machine

Woman Running and Sand Dune

Return to a healthy, natural way of running with RunAgain.

Improve your health with our no-impact RunAgain system.

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