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Freedom From Pain Can Be Yours With RunAgain

Has a sports injury sidelined you? Perhaps years of pounding the pavement have taken their toll on your legs and back. The revolutionary RunAgain now makes it possible to enjoy running once again. The RunAgain features a trampoline-like surface suspended on forced air. This amazing athletic and rehabilitation machine offers you an impact-free strike surface, unlike a traditional treadmill.

You'll benefit from using this hybrid treadmill/trampoline with a rotating surface that is horizontally suspended over air. The trampoline surface eliminates the pain so often associated with the heel strike. By minimizing impact and stress on your joints, you can rehabilitate or train longer, walk or run faster, gain additional strength, and enhance your cardiovascular performance.

RunAgain will gently help overweight users up to 500 pounds, return to walking or running. The RunAgain will also allow some patients to rehabilitate from injuries or surgery sooner, offering a faster recovery.

You get 24/7 customer service for your maintenance needs and questions. We remedy any problem or issue at no cost to you, and if a replacement part is ever needed, we'll ship it directly to you.

Do you want to become an independent distributor of the RunAgain? Email us with your location, interests, and experiences, and we will get back to you.

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